Missouri Tie has many years of experience in the creosote treating business.  Our treating plant was built in 1998, making it one of the newest treating operations in North America.  Missouri Tie takes every measure possible to operate a clean, safe work environment, while keeping production at a level to meet demand.  

We are situated on over 600 acres of land in the beautiful Ozarks, giving us access to some of the best hardwood and softwood timber in the country.  We also have ample room to air season our material.  In fact, 90% of all our material is air seasoned prior to treatment, with the remaining 10% being boulton seasoned.  Most railroads prefer an air seasoned product and we have made the necessary investments to meet these needs. 

Missouri Tie has made large capital investments to meet quality standards in the industry, including processing equipment upgrades and treating facility upgrades.  These investments have provided the necessary tools to increase production and meet demand.